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For Donors, It’s All About the Experience; For You, It’s All About the Convenience

For Donors, It’s All About the Experience; For You, It’s All About the Convenience

Donor engagement is so vital to a nonprofit’s survival that there ought to be a separate C-Suite position devoted to it – The Chief Donor Experience Officer, perhaps. But since nothing like that exists as far as we know, that job inevitably falls to and becomes your responsibility by default. That must be a burden on you and that’s why you should instead put that burden on us here at GRC. Let our team of campaign builders create a seamless donor experience through your organization’s main fundraising channel – Direct Mail.

At its core, engagement is a story told in a dialogue fashion. 
SO instead of your organization’s communication speaking at your audience, it should speak to it. The narrative element is the substance of what is being spoken to the donor. At first, the personalized communication engages the donor in a one – way conversation – like a monologue. But the conversation is structured in a way that nudges the audience to respond with an action – like sending a gift – which thereby transforms monologue into a two-way dialogue. The key is inspiring the donor to respond to your organization’s pitch.

Coming up with the story that makes the donor want to take the responding or subsequent action is both an art and a science. Not only do our writers have the skill to string the right words together in mellifluous fashion, our data scientists supplement that literary talent with useful data regarding the donor’s characteristics, passions and past – giving behavior. The extra information allows our writers to craft the most apropos narrative theme for the appeal as well as adjust the phrasing to best match the donor’s stage in the conversation life cycle.
For example, those that have given to your organization for the first time need to be treated differently from those that have given several times and from those who gave a few years prior but never again. Each segment must be handled differently with regard to the content you send them and the language you use to pique their interest, draw them in and seal a deal by asking for their gift. Even the dollar amount you suggest is personalized.

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Dialogue is critical to the donor experience and personalized communication allows this dialogue to take place as if you were right there speaking to the donor on her front porch. For a successful campaign, everything from the analytics to the content – to the message- to the print production must come flawlessly. That’s why we handle all of that data, design and production elements in-house. So, all your campaign components are harmonized and ready for your donors. And dealing with only one person, throughout the entire process also makes your life easier. We even take care of the post-campaign performance analysis so that we can learn what works with various donors and what needs to be improved upon for next time. Last but not least, we keep you apprised of everything throughout the entire campaign build so that you remain in complete control.

Don’t get stuck with stressful fundraising headaches
– like having to slap together an appeal letter at the last minute. 
Talk to us about taking care of your organization’s fundraising needs
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