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Grassroot Jumpstart: Leveraging Your Data

Grassroot Jumpstart: Leveraging Your Data

Great copy, brilliant graphics, and a compelling offer can influence the effectiveness of your outreach campaign. But if you’re looking to get the most out of your marketing efforts, start with your data.

Having a deep, flexible dataset on your customers and prospects is the most important outreach asset you can have.

How robust is your dataset, and how effectively are you using it? If you’re not sure, let us show you—and help you get more data, as well as more out of the data you have.

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We will analyze your dataset and make recommendations on how it can improve. FREE.

Then, we’ll help you broaden and refine your targeting. We’ve partnered with industry leaders for analyzing donor data and appending relevant information to identify the most likely donors, and how to find more of them.

With 25% of U.S. households providing 80% of nonprofit donations, accurately targeting prospects has never been more important.

Several of our clients are among the 3% of nonprofits using data-driven tools—and they are seeing positive results.

Contact our Vice President of Marketing, Sherene Rapoport, to learn more about our  Grassroot Jumpstart: Data Enrichment program.

Email Sherene directly at sherene@grcdirect.com or 540.428.7000 to get started on your data-enrichment journey.