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How can Grass Root Communication help your Advocacy Org?

Put it simply, we use targeted messaging to build your org’s constituency. Our data driven direct mail campaigns are personalized to appeal to different audience segments in order to persuade them to support your cause. And luckily, we handle the entire campaign intelligence gathering and building process.

First, we utilize the model in order to select new prospects to reach out to (EG: people who have shown support for the Affordable Care Act and who are likely to support Medicare expansion). Next, we break this list down into segments in order to craft specific appeals likely to resonate with each segment (e.g. those who have Medicaid dependent children vs those who have Medicare dependent parents). Then we craft the appeal and content (E.g.- emotionally rousing pictures and stories of sick children) for each segment mailing. Finally, we send the packages out and through tracking gauge the effectiveness of each targeted message.

Building your constituency is all about building lifelong relationships. It’s about engagement and making your supporters feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves. Keep in mind that this process entails maintaining a dialogue with each constituent; you need to listen as often as you communicate. It can seem arduous keeping track of so many supporters but it’s vital to the long- term health of your org. let us help you cultivate your constituent base. We will take care of all the messy work related to engagement and fundraising so you can focus on what you signed up to do- fight for your cause and change the world.

Data Lab

  • Review Org’s Current Lists
  • Identifying patterns/segments for targeting
  • Identify constituents and/or supporters, donors, members
  • Identify any at risk for leaving
  • Identify any that can be upgraded

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Content Kitchen & Design Studio

  • Package design and writing
  • Crafting distinct messages for each segment, across various platforms
  • Designing for each segment

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In-house Print and Mail Production

  • Printing
  • Mailing
  • Tracking

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