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Small Changes Can Yield Big Results.

The BEST way to understand your members is to understand your data!
Our MemberTrends analytics will examine your data and show you the best ways to increase membership, and boost revenues from your current membership.  We’ll also help you benchmark so you know exactly where to start.

Your data holds the keys to your membership-campaign strategies. MemberTrends analyzes your data and reveals immediately actionable strategies that you can use to drive renewals, new-member campaigns, and other efforts aimed at strengthening your organization. And you won’t have to break your budget in the process.
MemberTrends will show you:

  • Why your members lapse
  • Identify members at risk for lapsing and learn the steps to help keep them,
  • Insight on how to target new member candidates,
  • Per-member revenue insights that help identify upgrade and ancillary-sales opportunities
  • Member-acquisition and retention costs
  • Members’ lifetime values and attrition rates
  • Snapshot of members by your organization’s categories
  • Historical growth trends and future growth projections
  • And much more.

Member Trends Data Analysis

Each MemberTrends report is delivered with both in-depth analysis and easy-to-digest charts and graphics that summarize the major takeaways. They also include recommended action plans based on the specific results generated from your data.

Ready to gain new, actionable insight from your data?
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Request a sample report that will give you an idea of what to expect, but remember–each MemberTrends report is customized based on results generated from your data.

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