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JusticeIQ: GRC’s “guinea pig”

JusticeIQ: GRC’s “guinea pig”

Justice  Criminal justice reform is a cause our staff cares deeply about and this fledgling nonprofit represents a sort of petri dish in which to test our communication ideas and develop cutting edge fundraising and donor acquisition techniques that we can then apply to your organization to boost your donor base and further your organization’s cause.

With JusticeIQ, we are tossing out the fundraising playbook and starting from scratch. Our mission is to see what works and why- not just in raising revenue but also with cementing a sense of urgency of an organizations cause with ordinary citizens. It is a psychological experiment as much as a philanthropic one.

Our goal is to transform JusticeIQ into a content producing fundraising engine for the many groups that are already doing phenomenal work in the area of wrongful convictions and exonerations. Eventually we hope to partner with these groups in order to establish a “content pipeline” which would allow us to spread awareness about the prevalence of the problem and educate the public about the main causes of wrongful convictions. JusticeIQ’s mission is simple: to ensure that only guilty persons are imprisoned.

A large portion of GRC’s incubator strategy involves expert copywriting for personalized direct mail campaigns and cleverly crafted social media content designed to increase the awareness of JusticeIQ’s “brand” among prospective supporters. We utilize social media to listen to what the viewers are saying about our cause online. We thus refrain from spamming social media users with stale content and annoying, intrusive solicitations. Instead, we use these online platforms to stimulate the discussion, promote our nonprofit’s image and incorporate the concerns of our supporters in future campaigns and appeals. And when we do make the move to raise funds, we do so using expertly crafted, individualized and tasteful direct mail packages that show our donors we care enough about them to invest the time, effort, and money to put together a quality gift request delivered to their personal residence.

Out JusticeIQ project aims to illustrate how a hybrid omnichannel communications strategy can be leveraged in order to both educate the public about the organizations cause and mobilize interest in advancing the cause through the nonprofit. Along the way, we will also devise criteria and metrics that can be used to track JusticeIQ’s progress in penetrating the activism landscape and raising the funds that will sustain the nonprofits operations. We hope to make our efforts and the results as transparent as possible so that GRC’s nonprofit incubator experiment is as instructive as it can be to all those who are serious about advancing their own social or political cause.

Progress will not always be smooth and linear, but we hope that our efforts in trying to spread criminal justice reform awareness from the ground up will be an indispensable education experience to all of our clients.

Please stay tuned for updates as we aim to share the insights we glean from the GRC incubator with you.

-GRC Staff