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We help your nonprofit grow revenues through fundraising and acquisition.

Every nonprofit requires a steady source of revenue. We will help you develop one, leveraging your donor data to keep current donors active, and acquire new donors, too.

We start by analyzing your donor data using our DonorTrends tool. We identify the most fruitful and supportive donors among your current constituency. This allows you to focus the bulk of your communications effort on those most likely to become lifelong givers and to cultivate deep relationships with those people who stand behind your cause. We then target prospects with similar attributes as your current donors, and target them, too.

Working with your team, we develop customized, cost-effective campaigns that grow your bottom line. We can handle every phase of the campaign, from strategy and development through distribution of the messaging—via mail, digitally, or both. We also analyze the results and use the lessons learned to make the next campaign even more effective.

Are you looking for temporary help while you transition between development directors? We can help keep your campaigns moving forward while you focus on the all-important task of getting the right team in place.


  • Acquiring New Donors
  • Appeals to Current Donors
  • Fundraising Newsletters
  • Special Appeals