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In-house Print & Mail Production Facility

Once the content process concludes we always make sure to send the final product to our customer (you) for proofing. Our data scientists and copy writers also take this time to eliminate all typographical and formatting errors with regard to your organization’s donor’s data and content And, when proofing is complete, we fire up the printing presses.

Before we mail the final product to your organization’s donor’s, we incorporate the intelligent mail barcode (IMB) into each and every direct mail package. This IMB allows us to track each piece as it travels its journey to your recipients. And it tells us exactly when the package dropped. This way you can time your direct mail campaign to coincide with other outreach tactics- like telemarketing initiative or a social media campaign. Bottom line: after we print it, we give you the tools to integrate your personalized direct mail campaign with your overall omnichannel strategy.

And by the way, we can also help you design your email or social media campaign to support the direct mail that you are sending out. Talk to us for more information.