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Changes Amid The Pandemic—Do Your Customers Understand?

Changes Amid The Pandemic—Do Your Customers Understand?

Not long ago, a member of the Grassroot team went to a local store to pick up some supplies. It’s a large store—big enough to have its own shopping carts, merchandise displayed out front of the shop, and a big, automatic door welcoming customers.

This store wasn’t in the “essential services” category, and it had some protocols in place that differed from, for example, a nearby grocery store. One of the protocols: only 10 customers at a time were allowed in. The restriction was understandable, considering the COVID-19 risks.

The problem isn’t what the store had—namely, a way to keep people socially distanced—but what it didn’t have. There was no signage out front explaining the policy, nor was there an extra staff member on hand to manage the queue. This meant that one employee had to pull double-duty by leaving his post, which was manning a specific service desk inside, and running outside to explain the situation to confused customers milling about outside the door.

Grassroot Communication | Social Distancing Signage

Customers handled the situation well. A few balked at the idea of waiting to get into a store that has probably never had a line out front (with the possible exception of Black Friday), but most were understanding.

Things would have been much easier, however, with a few well-placed signs explaining the situation.

When we help create marketing outreach strategies for clients, one of the primary areas of focus is message communication. Usually, that means newsletters, social media, and other, more common types of regular communication.

But there are times when reviewing all forms of communication that a customer sees is prudent—invoices, business cards, and, yes, signage. This is definitely one of those times.

Protocols for interacting with your customers, members, and the general public have changed. If your workplace requires people to be on-sight, those protocols have changed, too. Ensure your communications policy is keeping up with all of these changes.

All it takes is a simple set of signs or messages on commonly used channels, such as a daily email that is already sent out.

COVID-19 is causing enough confusion…help your customers and employees navigate through it by making sure your communications game is strong.