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We guide you through the package design, and recommend lists to help you obtain new members. We can also help you design the overall campaign or simply to revamp what you are currently sending out to make it more effective. We have access to hundreds of templates and are a great resource if you are looking for industry trends or new ideas! We also have wonderful designers that can design for print or for online communications and we have writers that will edit your letter or write a letter from scratch.


We produce everything from our location in Manassas, VA. We boast our own production plant that includes offset and digital presses, a full-service mail shop, laser die cutting and bindery services. We also have a full data team that works in our Pune, India office so we can offer quick turnaround times for rush projects. We also have designers that can design for both print and online campaigns and we partner with copy writers to help you communicate your message effectively. Although we work with you to brain storm and design campaigns, our focus lies in designing a campaign that is easily manageable and that we can execute on your behalf so you can reach your audience through both online and print mediums.


By sending out highly targeted and personalized campaigns, you will be better able to engage your members or prospective members. We know that the more relevant the piece of communication is to the recipient, their engagement with your association will increase. By working with GRC Direct, you will be able to effectively target and track your direct mail communications so you know what’s working and what isn’t working. You will be able to communicate on a whole different level that will let your members know you are listening to what they are saying.

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